Because, creating a videography project for small business is now easy and affordable

Many photographers are now multiskilled and ready to start rolling on camera. This means videographers aren’t just for movie scale productions and high end advertising, they are easily accessible for small business. It also means photographers are no longer only able to provide your business with still images. Using a local videographer (and photographer) for business videos means you can create content quickly at a competitive price.

Video creation is a logical expansion for experienced photographers such as Helen from Magnetic Shots to add to their product offering. She is able to offer her clients more value from their shooting time with her than ever before. But, Helen doesn’t always package her stills photography and videography together. Helen works with small business owners in Maitland, Newcastle and Port Stephens to develop the type of shoot they need and is just as capable creating video content as she is capturing branding photography.

Business video ideas you may want to consider for your website

Relevant video content can be placed everywhere throughout your website. Common types of videos include brand, training, tutorial, social media,testimonial and explainer.

Having a video on your landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%. Video marketing statistics are staggering for consumer engagement and marketing ROI (

Videos are convenient, swift and will keep people on your website longer. The hardest part for company owners is deciding which video to create first. Helen, from Magnetic Shots advises that she likes to have a conversation with any potential clients to investigate their likes, dislikes and most importantly who the intended audience is. She has many clients come to her with examples of videos from competitors and collaborators websites that they want to replicate. Helen works through these concepts with you and facilitates the creation of original content with an accurate branding message for your website.

What to do once you’ve chosen a videographer for your business video

The next step is creating your first video, and this starts with getting to know you, your needs and the purpose of your video. A logical move is to choose asubject that you know a lot about to help you get over the nerve hurdle. This means many small business owners start by creating a company video that explains who they are and what they do. This type of videography is called many different names. Company explainer or brand videography are two common examples. This video is typically used in full on a home page or an about page. It should be up to 2 minutes in length. A shorter version can be cut from the same footage and used for social media.

Your videographer should be able to help you with script writing, choosing appropriate clothing and a shooting location. They will also discuss what “B roll” will help you illustrate to your audience what you are talking about. Using these two videos, Helen shows you real examples of an introductory video created for Studio C Bridal and an explainer video for working with Michelle Canny Interiors. Both these business owners had a message to share and no experience in front of the camera.

How to choose your videographer

As with all purchase decisions it is a balance of personality, price and style. It’s worth keeping in mind that working with other local businesses can also help you build your network of business contacts and increase referrals. Talk to your local business videographers and photographers, see who you click with and if they offer packages to suit your budget. Do you like their  style and can they show you examples of work they have completed for other businesses?

What assistance do they offer pre and post production? What is the satisfaction rating of their previous clients?

The answers to these questions will help you make your decision. But, if you want a slightly biased opinion, we say call Helen from Magnetic Shots for a personalised and professional introduction/journey through the world of videography and photography for your business.

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