Previously reserved for actors and models, having a headshot for business purposes now just seems like the norm.

With that said, using a professional photographer to take your studio headshot is actually the easiest and quickest way. In fact, LinkedIn says that using a professional headshot photographer “can ensure that the lighting is flattering and that you’re putting your best foot (or rather, face) forward”.

Our office is the perfect headshot studio. We’ll remove the hesitancy you have by ensuring you know what to do and what to expect during your photo shoot. Read on, and we’ll show you how we make your studio headshot experience as simple or complex as you’d like.

Why we are masters of studio headshots in The Hunter Valley

As with all of our photography work, we are customer-focused and put our clients ahead of any photo ego. Having your photo taken needs to be a positive experience with you driving as much or little as you are comfortable with. We believe there are three distinct steps in ensuring you are happy with your headshot photos. Before, During and After. Here’s how we guide you through your studio experience and deliver professional headshots you are happy to use.


Choose a headshot package that suits your budget and required number of images. You can view our sample catalogue to select your backdrop colour and lighting preference to personalise your style. We provide a full-length mirror in the studio for final touch-ups and outfit changes. Use it as often or little as you like.


You receive guidance on posture and poses. Try what feels good for you. Tell us when you aren’t comfortable. Instantly review images as they are taken and be confident you are looking the way you want to, there are no clocks ticking to tell you to hurry up. Everyone takes different amounts of time to feel right. We support this.


You choose your best images for us to process. We’re happy to help if you’d like us to. Post-production processing (photo editing) is completed according to your style ie; deep etching or drop shadow inserted. Resizing and publishing assistance can be provided. We are firm believers in ensuring you have the power to place your headshot photos wherever you want them.

But what if I don’t like my headshot photo?

There’s many reasons behind why people don’t like their previous headshots. Generally, the feedback we receive is that they felt rushed and unprepared. Or, they simply weren’t given a chance to review and choose the photo they felt was more them.

When you book with us for studio headshots, we always guarantee…

  • You’ll have a personalised and confidential experience (unless you want us to post your image on our socials in celebration)
  • We’ll give you time to breathe, recompose and reshoot
  • If you book Express Headshots you receive 2 images for your LinkedIn or CV, retouched and returned within 24 hours
  • We will check you are 100% happy with your images “If you’re happy and we know it, we’ll clap our hands, If you’re unhappy and we know it, we’ll shoot again”

How much do studio headshots cost?

LinkedIn says, “This typically costs between $200 and $400.”

We say we can give you 2 LinkedIn suitable studio headshots within 24 hours for well under $200.

We offer headshot packages from $150. Prices depend on how many images you want and the complexity of your post-production. But, we don’t just do headshots in our studio. Check out our branding photography page for other corporate photography options. Our Videography page explains how we create all kinds of business videos for your website.

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