Maitland photographer capturing business portraits in the local area

Shane Hamilton, Managing Director of SJH Communications had a vision to use Maitland architecture as a background to definitively display his Maitland office location.

Showing the team as unique individuals, with a passion for working together for their clients, meant walking together through The Levee (link) for the SJH Communications team.

Using their local streetscape provided authenticity to their brand, displaying that they truly are local telco experts serving The Hunter Valley and Newcastle.

Here’s how we created business portraits for SJH

Shane, like many Managing Directors, is a busy man with a smooth operator running his office. After our initial contact, Rebecca, the SJH Customer Success Manager became our main point of contact. She shared their photography ideas and after a brief chat and couple of emails we found a date and time that suited the SJH team.

We were to have a warm up and wander outside for team photos. Then it was back to work, as we used their own office wall for individual headshots. SJH wanted business portraits taken in Maitland for their website. It was important to show the faces of the team. They wanted their clients to feel like they had an honest introduction to the people they would be engaging with.

As experienced business photographers we are attentive to your vision, no matter how loose it may be when you first contact us. You’ll benefit from us being well prepared and organised to keep your team moving and get back to business fast.

It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in, from tech based to tap dancing (link to YFDC when its done) it’s now the norm/normal for you to show yourself to your customers. Professional business portraits create a human connection to your business and brand. We will help you create that connection with headshots (link), portraits or branding photography (link) photoshoots for your business.

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